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Oct 6 2015

A stroller is an essential baby item you will need to purchase or receive as a gift at your baby shower, prior to arrival of your baby. But how do you select the right baby stroller if you have never bought one before? The best way to start your search for the perfect baby stroller is with a visit to a baby specialty store in Toronto.

Baby specialty stores feature baby items and often have the best selections and variety of products to choose from, including baby strollers. There are all sorts of stroller models to look at, from basic umbrella strollers to higher-end models with all of the features and options a new parent and baby would desire. Since your baby will be using a stroller for about the first five or six years of their life, make sure you choose a model you can enjoy for this period of time.

Tip 1: Set a budget. If you are purchasing the stroller yourself, decide ahead of time the maximum amount you can afford to spend. If you are putting a stroller on your shower registry, then you have a little more flexibility.

Tip 2: Test drive the stroller. Most baby stores have floor models you can wheel around the store to get an idea of how they feel and handle. Do not be afraid to load up the stroller and weigh it down with diapers and other heavier objects to simulate the weight of your baby. Remember, you baby is going to be in the stroller for several years, so you want to know how it will handle when they start to weigh more. Remember to push the stroller with one hand, as there will be times you will not have both hands available to push and control the stroller.

Tip 3: Test how the stroller opens and closes. You want a model you can easily open and close by yourself, since on many occasions and outings it will probably be just you and your baby. Do not be put off by the weight of the stroller as long as you do not mind it, especially if it is a breeze to open and close.

Tip 4: Look at stroller models that match you lifestyle. There is no reason to invest in off-road and jogger strollers unless you spend a lot of time walking on trails or jogging. Some expectant mothers opt for a travel system. This is a special type of stroller that combines a car seat and stroller into one. Other expectant mothers opt for stand-alone car seats and strollers to avoid having to unbuckle the car seat every time they need to get the baby out of the car.

Tip 5: Look at the features and options. Some models have fold down seats that lay flat for napping or reversible seats that adjust as your baby grows. With features and options, you should match these, along with the models that fit your lifestyle.

For other tips to help you select the right stroller for your baby, with friendly and knowledgeable assistance, or to try out floor models, feel free to stop by Apple Babies today or call us at 416-546-8483.

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