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Jul 2 2016

Babies lack the resilience to regulate heat like older children and adults. For newly born babies, under six months, their bodies have not yet created sufficient melanin, which helps protect the skin against the sun. For babies older than six months, you still need to be careful when taking your little one outdoors on hot summer days.

Tip # 1

Schedule outings for early in the morning or later in the evening. The hottest part of the day is from around 11 AM until 5 PM. If you must go out during this time, make sure you properly dress your baby and take steps to protect them from exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Tip # 2

Make sure to cover your baby’s head with a wide brimmed hat. The hat will shade your baby’s eyes and avoid direct sunlight on their face. You should also use a high SPF sunscreen on their skin to prevent burning, but do remember to check with your baby’s doctor first, to get their recommendations on which ones to use.

Tip # 3

Dress your baby in cotton clothes. Cotton breathes easier than synthetic fabrics and makes sure air still reaches your baby’s skin. Instead of disposal diapers, which are made from synthetic materials, and can lead to heat rash, consider using cotton diapers throughout the hot summer months.

Tip # 4

Keep your baby hydrated throughout the day. If you only breastfeed your baby, give them more frequent, but shorter feedings, to keep the properly hydrated. If you use formula rather than breastmilk, you can give them water in between feedings to keep the hydrated.

Tip # 5

Include water play as part of outdoor play activities. Allowing your baby to play in a baby-friendly pool helps keep them cool. You can also take them into larger pools, but should ensure they have the proper safety floatation devices on, and are in the pool with them. A cool bath indoors is also another great way to cool down your baby before putting them to bed.

Tip # 6

Never put your baby into a hot car. Before leaving home, open up the car doors, start the car and crank the AC to cool down the interior. Touch the baby’s car seat if you leave it in the car, to ensure the surfaces are cool to the touch. Make sure the windows next to the baby are shaded with a sun shade or tinted. If your car does not have rear vents to help circulate the cool air, consider using one or two small portable clip fans in the rear of the vehicle, but do not let the air blow directly onto your baby.

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