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Nov 12 2015

With colder temperatures and snow, it is your job as a parent to ensure your baby remains warm all throughout the winter. But like most new parents, it can be difficult learning what is effective and works and what does not. Before the winter storms roll in and you find yourself unprepared, now is a great time to visit baby specialty stores in Toronto and pick up the right products for your new baby and their first winter.

How can I keep my baby warm while they are sleeping?

It is never a good idea to pile blankets on top of your newborn baby. This creates safety hazards where your baby could get tangled up in the blankets and suffocate. It is better to put your baby to bed without any loose coverings, as well as no pillows. The trick to keeping your baby warm is making sure their sleeping environment is comfortable, but not too hot.

Flannel fitted sheets work great in your baby’s crib. They are soft, but also retain heat from your baby’s body. Choose one-piece fitted sleepers with footies to keep your baby’s feet and toes covered. You can also put on a one-piece body suit or an undershirt under the sleeper for an added layer. However, if you notice your baby is waking up soaking wet from sweating, and they are not ill, then you probably do not need these under body pieces while they sleep.

Another great product is called a blanket-in-a-sack. It is a wearable blanket, with a zipper on the front that goes over the sleeper and creates another exterior layer of protection from the cold. The “sack” is sleeveless and fits nicely around your baby’s body, while allowing him or her to still move their arms freely.

You should also pick up a hot water bottle to warm your baby’s bed up. About a half hour before you put your baby to bed, fill the hot water bottle with warm, not hot, water, and place it in their crib. Remove the hot water bottle about five minutes before putting them down. Just remember to check the mattress with your hand to make sure it’s not too hot before laying your baby in the crib.

What baby clothing should I use to take my baby outdoors?

At some point, you will need to take your baby outdoors for a doctor’s appointment or a shopping trip. You need to give yourself extra time to bundle up your baby and pack the diaper bag. The key to keeping your baby warm is to dress him or her in layers. Use a t-shirt or body suit for an under layer. Dress them in a warm one-piece outfit with long sleeves and put socks on their feet. If you are not putting shoes on their feet, it is a good idea to use to pairs of socks.

Once you have them dressed for the day and are ready to head out, dress them in one piece outer layers with zippers, like a snowsuit. Do not forget a hat, mittens, and blanket. It does not hurt to have extra sets of hats and gloves and a spare blanket, and pack these in the diaper bag. On cold days, wrap the blanket around the snowsuit and loosely cover his or her face to block out cold air and wind.

Once you arrive at your destination and are safely indoors, remove the snowsuit, even if it is just for a quick stop. Removing the outer layer helps keep your baby from perspiring and getting wet. If your baby does sweat and get wet, it will make them feel colder once you go back outside.

Lastly, remember babies are more sensitive to the colder temperatures and will get cold long before you do. They are more prone to getting frostbitten and hypothermia due to overexposure. Limit the amount of time you spend outdoors with your baby. On longer shopping days, plan several stops along the way, where you can be indoors at a store or restaurant, while your baby warms up.

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