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Jul 21 2017

Every summer we hear stories on the news about how a parent left their baby or child in a hot car. Unfortunately, in some of the cases the baby or child died because they were left unsupervised. Not all cases are the result of a parent leaving their kids in the car either. In some instances, a curious child will get into an unlocked car on their own and shut the door.

Summer Warning Do Not Leave Kids in Hot Cars

As parents, it is our responsibility to safeguard our children and never place them into this dangerous situation. It only takes minutes before they can be affected by the heat. Keep these rules in mind the next time you head out with your little ones.

No matter how short, there are no exceptions for leaving a child in the car.

Dealing with getting the kids into and out of car seats for what you intend to be a quick errand may seem tempting to just leave the kids in the car. However, things never go as planned, and you could find yourself standing in a long checkout line, and that quick, five-minute-or-less trip has now turned into a half hour.

This rule also includes not leaving them in the car with it running and the AC on, or with the windows down. Kids can be curious and get out of their car seats, if they know how to undo the buckles. There have been cases where parents have left their kids in the car with it running, only to come back out of a store to find their child has managed to put the car into drive and it rolled out into a busy intersection and got hit.

Understand how temperatures change inside cars quickly.

Even on days in the low 20s Celsius (70s Fahrenheit), cars can quickly heat up another 5 degrees Celsius (up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit). These changes can occur quickly, normally within the first thirty minutes.

All it takes for your child to experience heat exhaustion or a heat stroke is for their core body temperature to heat up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), which is only 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) more than their normal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Always lock your car when it is parked at home to keep your kids out of it.

When you kids are playing outside, your car should be locked. They may decide to play “hide and seek” and in their minds, there is no better place to hide than inside the car because they do not understand the dangers of hiding inside a hot car.

Always check your car for children when exiting the vehicle.

This rule might seem like a strange rule, but if your mind is on other things or you are stressed, you may forget your little one is napping in the back seat. TIP: Put your purse, brief case, or other items in the back seat you will need to take with your when exiting the vehicle so you remember your child.

If you remember to use these rules, you are sure to keep your children safe. Remember to stop by Apple Babies, your Toronto baby specialty store, to check out all of our summertime baby and infant items or call us at 416-546-8483 today!

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