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Aug 10 2015

You have plenty of time to properly prepare and plan a baby shower to make it a memorable event for the honoree (expectant mother). It is a good idea to get a notebook or spiral bound planner to keep track of everything for the shower, as well as who is responsible for which tasks.

Tasks to Complete/Topics to Cover Two Months before the Baby Shower

1. Hold an initial planning session. It is a good idea to invite the honoree’s sisters, sisters-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, and closest friends to this meeting.

2. Who are going to be the hosts? Will you be responsible for hosting the baby shower or will the duties be shared between at least one other cohost?

3. What is the budget? Are you covering all the expenses or are others going to help contribute, too?

4. Where is the shower going to be held? Is it going to be in your home or someone else’s? Do you want to have it at the expectant mother’s favorite restaurant? If you choose a location outside the house, book it as soon as possible.

5. Set the date for the shower. A good time frame for the shower is about three to six weeks before the anticipated delivery date.

6. Create a guest list. Decide if the shower is going to be limited to women only, or include couples and men, too.

7. Decide on a theme for the shower.

8. Prepare a list of games to play during the shower.

9. Create a menu. Ask for volunteers to help prepare food if you are not getting it catered.

Tasks to Complete a Month before the Shower

1. Start shopping. Pick up decorations, party favors, and other items you need for the shower.

2. Get the invitations mailed out. If the shower is a surprise, remember to put this detail in the invite, as well as the baby stores in Toronto where the honoree is registered. Ask guests to R.S.V.P. so you can get an accurate head count.

3. Order items others are not suppling or making, such as the cake and flowers.

Tasks to Complete a Week before the Shower

1. Provide a head count to the caterer or people preparing food.

2. Prepare gift bags and prizes for the games.

3. Hire a photographer.

Tasks to Complete a Two Days before the Shower

1. Complete any grocery shopping and food preparations.

2. If the shower is being held in someone’s home, clean it and put up decorations.

Tasks to Complete the Day of the Shower

1. If you are hosting the shower at an outside venue, arrive early to set up decorations.

2. Pick up flowers, balloons, and other last minute items if they are not being delivered.

3. Assign someone to help the expectant mother record the gifts and who they came from in a gift registry so she can send thank you notes later.

With the right preparations and planning, the baby shower you are hosting will be a successful event. You will even have time to get the honoree a gift from a baby specialty store in Toronto. Feel free to contact Apple Babies at 416-546-8483 for assistance in picking the right gift or to learn about our baby registry service.

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