Salus – Bijoux Baby Life Jacket


Product Description

As a parent, safety is one of the most important considerations for our children. The Salus Marine Bijoux’s baby life jacket is a unique design offering unprecedented security, safety and comfort for babies 9-25 lbs.

To accomplish this we had to step outside the confines of the existing standard to develop, what we think, to be a superior product.

The one piece front design ensures that the baby will turn face up from a face forward position. The 3 piece collar cradles the head when lifted by the collar strap or while the baby is floating on their back. Mesh harness and a short front provide enhanced comfort for sitting upright, lying down or when positioned in a baby carrier.

The Salus Bijoux is the only baby life jacket of it’s kind!

Four adjustment straps should be as snug and secure as possible while maintaining comfort for your baby. Once fitted, familiarize your baby and yourself with the performance of the vest in the water.

Holds infants from 9-25 lbs.