Giimmo – ‘Stego Jr’ Battery Operated Night Light

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Product Description

Welcome to giimmo, the light with a glowing rainbow heart. This guy bathes his environment with all the colours of the rainbow, so you can enjoy the kaleidoscopic effect. But wait, this guy has other tricks up his sleeves! He is also adjustable and magnetic! This cute guy has magnets built into his arms so he can help you around the desk by holding onto all those pesky pins and paperclips. You can also move giimmo into the coolest poses!

Giimmo Magic Light has a soft, milky white body which is comfortable and smooth to the touch. The internal adaptor provides bright and vibrant colours and was designed to use minimum amounts of energy.

Giimmo is portable and he now also comes battery operated! So he can be taken everywhere, as all he needs is batteries, no need to bring a charger! So your child can not only take it with them to the bathroom at night when it is dark but anywhere they wish to take him!

Character: Relaxed and slow moving – Stego Jr the Stegosaurus is a giant with his big tail, which slows him down but this matches his nature, laid back and enjoying each day.

Weight: Approx 0.65 kgs

Dimensions: Approx 10cm x 10cm x 15cm High

Please note: The light is powered by 3 x LR44 Button Cell batteries. It includes 2 extra sets of 3 replacement batteries (6 button cell batteries) as well.