Complete Grooming Kit


Product Description

Complete 18 Piece Grooming Kit by Safety 1st

The Complete Grooming Kit from Safety 1st gives you a stylish and easy way to keep your baby’s grooming needs organized and close while on the go! The Safety 1st Complete Grooming kit includes:

Wrapping Clutch Case: Size adjustability with D-ring closure. Gentle Care Brush: Comfort-grip handle and soft bristles. Gentle Care Comb: Comfort-grip handle with fine- and wide-toothed ends. Cradle Cap Comb: Gently removes flaking skin from scalp. Clear View Nail Clippers: Easy-grip handle and curved cutting edges with 5x magnifier. Spritzer Bottle: Tame unruly hair with travel-sized water mister. 10 Emery Boards and Case: Stress-free nail shaping with convenient holder. Snail Bath Sponge: Soft, baby-friendly material for washing and entertainment.

Shipping Specifications

Weight 0.42 lbs
Dimensions 7.6 x 7.6 x 2 in