Breast Milk Storage Starter Set (10x6oz)


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Product Description

The pre sterilized storage cups in the Philips AVENT VIA Breast Milk Storage Starter Kit let you store breast milk, even if you’re out of the house and away from your sterilizer and bottles. VIA cups are disposable and sterile in the package, so you can pump, store, and feed wherever you need to. The included adapters let you connect a VIA cup to your Philips AVENT breast pump or add a bottle ring and nipple for easy feeding. The cups can be used up to three times before they should be discarded. The lids and adapters can be reused indefinitely.

  • VIA cups come sterile in the package
  • Adapter connects VIA cups to your breast pump
  • Use cups up to three times, then throw away
  • Safe to sterilize with boiling water or steam
  • Lids and adapters can be reused indefinitely