Born Free, Microwave Sterilizer

$39.99 $20.00

Product Description

  • Free From Bisphenol-A Phthalates & PVC
  • Cover Handle for Safety and Ease
  • Drying Tray For Bottles and Parts
  • Specially Designed Side Grips
  • 4 Bottles Sterilized in Only 4 Minutes

What are the advantages of the BornFree Microwave Sterilizer?

  • 1.Fits all types of bottles.
  • 2.Designed especially for BornFree bottles.
  • 3.Can sterilize 4 bottles including all their parts in only 4 minutes.
  • 4.Special grip handles for safely removing from microwave.
  • 5.Drying tray for bottles and parts.
  • 6.Cover handle for safety opening the lid.
  • 7.Made of safe materials that are free of Bisphenol-A, Phthalates and PVC.

What is Bisphenol-A (BPA)?

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical compound used to create polycarbonate plastic, a hard, clear plastic used widely in consumer products, including food and beverage containers. A growing body of scientific research suggests that small amounts of BPA may leach into foods or beverages stored in polycarbonate containers, especially when the contents are acidic, high in fat, or heated. Research suggests that BPA may act as an endocrine disruptor, a substance which mimics natural human hormones.