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Nov 9 2016

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby, especially your first one, often involves months of planning, purchasing baby supplies, clothing, and furniture from a baby specialty store in Toronto, completing gift registries for your baby shower, and more. Now that the moment has arrived and you have delivered your baby, you and your new bundle of joy will soon be heading home.

Being Released from Hospital

If you forgot to pack appropriate clothing prior to delivery, have your spouse, partner, or close friend or family member bring you comfortable clothing, appropriate for the time of year. New mothers do best to wear loose fitting clothing that feels roomy, at least for the first week or so, after delivering a baby.

For your newborn, a singlet is ideal and should be sufficient. New mothers often tend to overdress their newborn in multiple layers when leaving the hospital. This can result in your baby overheating from too many layers of clothes. For colder times of year, like the winter, a snowsuit put on over the singlet and a hat are fine. It also is recommended to have a few extra blankets to wrap around your baby, should they start to shiver after taking them outdoors for the first time.

Prior to leaving the hospital, it is beneficial to schedule your baby’s first checkup appointment with their pediatrician. Furthermore, take the time to ask doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals any questions you have in regards to your baby’s proofig, formula, diapers, bathing, and so on. Some hospitals and pediatricians have a special phone number new parents can call 24/7 with any questions and it does not hurt to ask if yours offers this free service.

The Ride Home

Whether you are riding home in a car or taking public transport, it is important you have a car seat or carrier for your newborn. It is a good idea to also have a neck support, which is an accessory often found near the car seats at baby stores. A neck support will prevent your baby’s head from bobbing around, since they will have little control over their neck muscles.

Have Someone Prepare Your Home Ahead of Time

Having to go get diapers, formula, baby supplies, and even your favorite snacks and food can be a real bother after giving birth. Make sure your spouse or someone else takes care of the small details, so once you do get home, you can take it easy and relax.

Learn to Be Patient and Let Go

Your newborn’s schedule may not be what you expected. It is important to just go with it, especially during the first week or so home. Plus, be prepared for an influx of visitors, who will want to stop by and visit with you and see your new bundle of joy. If you start to feel overwhelmed, ask someone to watch the baby for a few hours to have some alone time either by yourself or to spend with your spouse.

Before you know it, you will confident in your abilities as a new mother. For the best selections of baby products for your newborn, please feel free to stop by or call Apple Babies today at 416-546-8483!

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