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Sep 30 2017

Whether you are getting ready to create your gift registry for your upcoming baby shower or want to make sure you have everything you need afterward, this is a list of the top 20 baby specialty items every new mother will want to have before they give birth.

Top 20 Baby Specialty Items Every New Mother Needs

  1. Onesies (Baby Jumpers) – Onesies are easy to put on and take off new babies. Plus it makes it easier when it is time to change dirty diapers.
  2. Diapers – All new mothers will need plenty of diapers in all different sizes.
  3. Baby Wipes – Baby wipes are in just as high demand as diapers.
  4. Changing Table – New mothers appreciate having somewhere to change their baby and get them dressed where they don’t have to bend over.
  5. Changing Pads – Changing pads are great to have for outings and at home.
  6. Baby Blankets – You will want at least two or three different blankets for your baby to swaddle in and be comfortable.
  7. Baby Carrier/Car Seat – You will want a “starter” car seat/carrier for your newborn and later upgrade to a different model.
  8. Stroller – Strollers make transporting your new bundle of joy around town easier, so you can get out of the house and spend time with friends, go shopping, and so on.
  9. Diaper Bag – You will want a big, yet comfortable diaper bag to take along on outings.
  10. Breast Pump – If you breastfeed, you will need this item if you want to make up bottles for feeding times.
  11. Nursing Bras – Again, if you breastfeed you will want several of these special bras.
  12. Baby Bottles – You will want to have a good supply of baby bottles on hand.
  13. Baby Swing – A swing is great to rock your baby to sleep and gives you some hands-free time.
  14. Baby Crib/Bed – You will want a crib/bed to put your baby in while you try to get some sleep.
  15. Bouncy Seat – A bouncy seat is a great play item your baby will enjoy.
  16. Mobile – A mobile can keep your baby entertained while in their crib/bed.
  17. Feeding Cloths – Babies will spit-up, so you will want feeding cloths for these types of messes.
  18. Baby-Safe Detergent – You will need to wash your baby’s clothing, blankets, and other items in a baby-safe detergent because their skin is sensitive.
  19. Baby Bath Tub – Babies need their own special bathtubs until they get old enough where they can sit up on their own.
  20. Baby-Friendly Soap and Shampoo – You will want soap and shampoo products that are formulated just for babies.

As you can, there are a lot of baby specialty items you will want and need. To create a gift registry or to get any items you are still lacking and need, please feel free to stop by Apple Babies, your Toronto baby specialty store, or call us at 416-546-8483 today!

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