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Sep 10 2016

Bringing a home a new baby means big changes for your toddler. Their world is going to be turned upside down because mommy and daddy are no longer going to be able to devote every waking moment of their free time just for them. Toddlers can react in a variety of different ways, depending upon how well they are prepared for the changes.

Here at Apple Babies, we understand the joys a new baby can bring, but at the same time do not want you to overlook your toddler. We are pleased to offer the following tips and suggestions to help make the transition for everyone in your family a little easier.

1. Inform your toddler they will be a big brother or sister. Toddlers are better able to adapt to a new sibling when they are made aware of the changes it will mean for them.

2. Get your toddler involved with preparing the baby’s new room. Take your toddler along while visiting Toronto baby specialty stores, like ours. Let them help pick out items for the new baby. When they feel they are involved, they are often more receptive to changes and adapting after bringing the baby home.

3. Be realistic about your own expectations. You cannot expect your toddler to become more mature overnight the minute you bring a new baby home. There are still essentially a baby, too. As such, it is not uncommon for them to display some forms of regressions, such as wanting to still wear diapers, wanting a bottle, and so on. Just be patient with your toddler as this is their way of expressing themselves, especially if they feel they are not getting as much attention as they think they deserve.

4. Establish consistency within the home. If your toddler misbehaves, do not neglect to follow the same methods you used before the new baby to address the situation. This will let your toddler even though there is a new baby in the home, it does not mean rules have changed.

5. Set aside one-on-one time with your toddler. This can be difficult in homes where both parents work, but you need to schedule one-on-time with your toddler. Grandparents can be a great help here as they can watch the new baby while you, your spouse, and toddler spend some quality time doing something they want without the baby.

6. Ask your toddler to help with caring for the new baby. When you give them responsibilities, like helping feed the baby, giving them a bath, bringing the baby their pacifier, and so on, it makes them feel important.

To ensure you can remain mobile with a new baby and a toddler, it is recommend to invest in a baby carrier or sling. Your baby will still be next to you while you take your toddler to the park or have a tea party with them. Feel free to stop by Apple Babies and check out our wide selections of baby products for your new baby and toddler today, or give us a call at 416-546-8483. Remember to sign up for our baby registry, too!

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