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Whether you are getting ready to create your gift registry for your upcoming baby shower or want to make sure you have everything you need afterward, this is a list of the top 20 baby specialty items every new mother will want to have before they give birth.

Top 20 Baby Specialty Items Every New Mother Needs (read more…)

For most new mothers, one of the biggest challenges they face is learning how to properly secure their little bundle of joy into their car seat for trips to the doctor, grocery store, or grandmother’s house. The first and most important tip is to make sure the car seat is the right size for your baby.

Tips for Securing Your Baby into Their Car Seat

There are different seats for infants and toddlers based on their age, weight, and height. If you are not sure which seat is best, please feel free to stop by Apple Babies and we will be more than happy to help you select the right car seat. (read more…)

Every summer we hear stories on the news about how a parent left their baby or child in a hot car. Unfortunately, in some of the cases the baby or child died because they were left unsupervised. Not all cases are the result of a parent leaving their kids in the car either. In some instances, a curious child will get into an unlocked car on their own and shut the door.

Summer Warning Do Not Leave Kids in Hot Cars

As parents, it is our responsibility to safeguard our children and never place them into this dangerous situation. It only takes minutes before they can be affected by the heat. Keep these rules in mind the next time you head out with your little ones. (read more…)

For most mothers, returning to a normal routine of exercise and shedding the added weight put on during pregnancy can seem like a challenge, consider you have a new baby, who demands your attention most of the time. The most important thing to avoid doing is putting exercise off by making excuses you will start back up when the baby is older. This never works and before you know it years have flown by and you are still trying to get “back into shape.”

The best place to start is by taking small “baby” steps. Attempting to set unrealistic goals too fast will only result in burn out and failures. For instance, you do not want to try to hold yourself to working out every day for an hour when it just will not feasibly fit into your schedule. Doing this, will only cause you to find fault with yourself and further deter you from getting back into a “normal” routine.

Tips for Getting Fit after the Birth of Your New Baby (read more…)

Changing the décor of the rooms in your home to bring in the warm, bright, and exciting colours of summer indoors can give your home a new look and feel.  When decorating your home for the summer, it is important to take into consideration how your changes are going to affect your baby or toddler. Just make sure to pay more closely to your desired changes and plans before getting started.

DIY Summertime Decorating Tips for Homes with Babies and Toddlers

There are many affordable changes you can make without risks to your baby or toddler. It is also beneficial to get your children and little ones involved, if old enough, in the planning process, especially for their bedrooms, play room, and other areas of the home. Some of these can also be quite fun learning experiences for your young one, too! (read more…)

As the weather starts to warm up, you will want to start taking your baby outdoors more often so he or she can get some fresh air and enjoy playdates at the park with other infants their own age. With spring weather, temperatures can rise and fall more quickly throughout the day. It is important to be prepared before leaving home by using these tips provide by your Toronto baby specialty store, Apple Babies.

Baby Dressing Tips for the Spring time

Dress Your Baby in Layers

Since morning temperatures tend to be a bit cooler, start with a t-shirt or onesie for the bottom layer. Next a pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt. Socks should go on the feet before shoes or baby booties. You will also one to put a hoodie or sweatshirt on your baby and remember to pack a rain jacket and umbrella in case of rain. As the day warms up, you can peel off the layers, or if things get colder, you can put on their jacket. (read more…)

Parents can dread cleaning their kid’s room because they tend to accumulate piles of toys, stuffed animals, and other items in their room quickly that also seem to be scattered throughout the room. The spring is a great time do some deep cleaning of your child’s room and get it re-organized.

7 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Kid’s Room

Step # 1 – Get Your Child Involved

If your child is no longer an infant, there is no reason to not make them help spring clean their room. If you do all the work, they will expect you to clean it for them each time it gets unsightly. (read more…)

As a new mother, one of the more common problems you will probably experience at some point with your new baby is diaper rash. In fact, most babies develop diaper rash, and even when the baby is your second or third child, chances are, they too, will experience it. One way to be prepared for diaper rash is to plan ahead, so you will be ready should it develop.

Toronto Baby Specialty Store Offers Tips for Dealing with Diaper Rash

Causes of Diaper Rash

There are all sorts of different causes that can cause diaper rash on your baby’s sensitive areas. Some of the more common ones are: (read more…)

Expecting a new baby is an exciting time you should cherish and enjoy. Before you know it, your bundle of joy will be here and require your full attention. Whether this is your first baby or a second or third one, there are several different baby products you will want to be sure to include on your baby shower register at baby shops in Toronto!

Baby Bath Tubs – Getting down on your hands and knees to bathe your baby in a full-sized tub is not much fun while recovering after giving birth. Baby bath tubs can be used on the counter top and other areas where you can easily wash your baby.

“Must Have” Baby Stuff at Baby Shops in Toronto

Pacifiers and Pacifier Holders – Your baby will enjoy pacifiers to keep the content. Pacifier holders are great for storing a few clean pacifiers. (read more…)

Taking your baby, toddler, or other young children outside during the winter is a great time for them to be able to enjoy the fun wintertime activities, like building a snowman, learning how to ice skate, or even joining a junior hockey league!


Outdoors Babies


Before heading outside, it is important to make sure you are well prepared by following these useful tips and suggestions: (read more…)

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby, especially your first one, often involves months of planning, purchasing baby supplies, clothing, and furniture from a baby specialty store in Toronto, completing gift registries for your baby shower, and more. Now that the moment has arrived and you have delivered your baby, you and your new bundle of joy will soon be heading home.

Being Released from Hospital

If you forgot to pack appropriate clothing prior to delivery, have your spouse, partner, or close friend or family member bring you comfortable clothing, appropriate for the time of year. New mothers do best to wear loose fitting clothing that feels roomy, at least for the first week or so, after delivering a baby. (read more…)

Most people hear the horrific stories of a child left in a hot car during the summer and the sometimes tragic events that occur, due to the negligence of a parent. While this practice is something parents should never engage in, one practice that does not get much news, which is equally dangerous, is leaving a child in the car unattended during the cooler fall and cold winter months.

Unfortunately, parents think their child will be safe if they are bundled up and can remain in their car seat or booster seater, locked in the car, while they run into a store to pick up something quickly. However, quick trips into a store often never happen and a parent may end up spending much longer in the store than they had anticipated. During this time your unattended child is at risk from several hazards including: (read more…)

Bringing a home a new baby means big changes for your toddler. Their world is going to be turned upside down because mommy and daddy are no longer going to be able to devote every waking moment of their free time just for them. Toddlers can react in a variety of different ways, depending upon how well they are prepared for the changes.

Here at Apple Babies, we understand the joys a new baby can bring, but at the same time do not want you to overlook your toddler. We are pleased to offer the following tips and suggestions to help make the transition for everyone in your family a little easier. (read more…)

1. Making your family a priority is one of the most important things you will ever do as a new father. After many years looking back you will never regret spending that extra time with your children and partner. You won’t regret not having worked longer hours at the office. However, the time you spent simply watching your baby sleep will be time well spent. Enjoy this time to hang out at home and simply do nothing with your family while you can.

2. Play as much as you possibly can. Nothing is more fun than playing with your baby and watching all your tension leaving from your long day. This is also a great way to help forge a trusting and positive relationship with your baby. (read more…)

Babies lack the resilience to regulate heat like older children and adults. For newly born babies, under six months, their bodies have not yet created sufficient melanin, which helps protect the skin against the sun. For babies older than six months, you still need to be careful when taking your little one outdoors on hot summer days.

Tip # 1

Schedule outings for early in the morning or later in the evening. The hottest part of the day is from around 11 AM until 5 PM. If you must go out during this time, make sure you properly dress your baby and take steps to protect them from exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. (read more…)

Before you know it, your little bundle of joy will be rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. Once your baby becomes mobile, they will get into everything they can reach and grab because they are exploring their environment and enjoying their new found freedom. It is never too early to baby proof your home with items from a Toronto baby store. Some parents even start the process before their new baby arrives.

You will want to make a checklist of baby proofing tasks to complete and identify potential hazards. One of the easiest ways to do this is to lay on the floor, at your baby’s level, and look around each room in your home. Ask yourself what items could you baby reach, stick their fingers in, pull on, or pull over, like unsecure book shelves, TV stands, electrical outlets, hanging cords, and so on. (read more…)

An important developmental milestone for parents and their toddlers is potty training. But what time is best to start? Potty training really depends on the willingness of the toddler, as well as a few other factors. Age is not a factor because every toddler is different and each potty training situation is unique. It is vital parents remember the two key factors to consider are their child’s emotional and physical readiness to be potty trained.

Some toddlers are ready around age 2, while others may not be open to the idea until they are 3 or 4. If you attempt to potty train your child too soon, he or she may resist the training, or take much longer to train. Ask yourself the following questions to see if it might be time to start potty training your child: (read more…)

Choosing the best car seat for your baby is not something to take lightly. You need to consider several aspects when choosing the best way to bring your new bundle of joy home.

1. You will want to check your vehicle owner’s manual on where to place a car seat in your vehicle. There are several different ways to secure a car seat in vehicles. Many vehicles allow you to use the latch system, to secure your child’s car seat securely, to your vehicle. They will also most likely recommend you place the car seat in the center of your vehicle, to ensure your child’s safety. (read more…)

With colder temperatures and snow, it is your job as a parent to ensure your baby remains warm all throughout the winter. But like most new parents, it can be difficult learning what is effective and works and what does not. Before the winter storms roll in and you find yourself unprepared, now is a great time to visit baby specialty stores in Toronto and pick up the right products for your new baby and their first winter.

How can I keep my baby warm while they are sleeping?

It is never a good idea to pile blankets on top of your newborn baby. This creates safety hazards where your baby could get tangled up in the blankets and suffocate. It is better to put your baby to bed without any loose coverings, as well as no pillows. The trick to keeping your baby warm is making sure their sleeping environment is comfortable, but not too hot.

(read more…)

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