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May 22 2016

Before you know it, your little bundle of joy will be rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. Once your baby becomes mobile, they will get into everything they can reach and grab because they are exploring their environment and enjoying their new found freedom. It is never too early to baby proof your home with items from a Toronto baby store. Some parents even start the process before their new baby arrives.

You will want to make a checklist of baby proofing tasks to complete and identify potential hazards. One of the easiest ways to do this is to lay on the floor, at your baby’s level, and look around each room in your home. Ask yourself what items could you baby reach, stick their fingers in, pull on, or pull over, like unsecure book shelves, TV stands, electrical outlets, hanging cords, and so on.

It is easy to secure loose furniture with special furniture straps, which attach to the piece of furniture and are secured directly into the wall behind them. For TVs, consider mounting the TV on the wall instead of leaving it on a stand. Electrical outlets can be made safe with outlet covers. In addition, make sure cords and wires are out of reach and secured behind computers and electronics.

Next, look for furniture with sharp corners, easily opened cabinet doors, drawers, closets, and so on. Use edge bumpers to pad sharp corners and baby cabinet and door locks to keep babies from opening doors. If your home has stairs, you will want to install baby gates to prevent your baby from climbing up or accidently falling down stairs.

In bathrooms and kitchens, make sure all under cabinets and drawers are secured with baby proof locks. Remember to use a toilet seat lock, too, to keep your baby from playing in the toilet water, or worse, falling into it and potentially drowning. Verify all cords for kitchen appliances and bathroom accessories, like hair dryers, do not hang over the sides of cabinets, where your baby could pull on them.

If your home has blinds for window coverings, the cords need to be kept out of reach of your baby. You can either cut the cord to shorten it, or use a small hook above the blinds to hang the cord up, well out of reach of small fingers. Never place your baby’s bed near a window with drapes or blinds as they could accidently pull them off the windows and get tangled in them, suffocate, or choke on smaller parts that end up in their mouth.
As your baby grows, it never hurts to reassess potential hazards in your home and make adjustments, as needed to keep your baby safe. For items to help baby proof your home, visit Apple Babies, baby specialty store in Toronto, or call us at 416-546-8483.

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