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Mar 24 2017

Parents can dread cleaning their kid’s room because they tend to accumulate piles of toys, stuffed animals, and other items in their room quickly that also seem to be scattered throughout the room. The spring is a great time do some deep cleaning of your child’s room and get it re-organized.

7 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Kid’s Room

Step # 1 – Get Your Child Involved

If your child is no longer an infant, there is no reason to not make them help spring clean their room. If you do all the work, they will expect you to clean it for them each time it gets unsightly.


Step # 2 – Remove Everything from the Room

As challenging as this might sound, it is best to take everything out of the room and start fresh. Plus, after all the furniture and toys have been removed, it makes it easier find missing pieces of toys, accidental spills, and other messes that were previously hidden.

Step # 3 –Clean the Room from the Top – Down

Start by dusting from the ceiling downwards towards the floor. Wipe off the overhead light fixtures. Wash walls with a mild antibacterial soap that will not remove paint but will get off smudges, dirt, and fingerprints. Remember to wash the windows and dust the blinds, and clean the drapes. Lastly, vacuum and then steam clean the carpeting.

Step # 4 – Consider Updating the Room

With everything out of the room, now might be a good time to paint the walls a new colour or replace the carpeting, especially if your child is older and wants something different.

Step # 5 – Get Rid of Things They No Longer Need or Use

Go through their toys and discard any broken ones and consider donating ones that still work, but your child had outgrown or no longer uses. Go through their dresser, wardrobe and closet and get rid of any clothing that no longer fits.

Step # 6 – Get Furniture and Items to Keep the Room Organized

Prior to putting items back into the room, consider getting new furniture, accessories and other such items from a child and baby specialty store. It is also a great idea to get plastic totes, toy bins, and cloth cubes for storing toys, stuffed animals, games, seasonal clothing, and other items.

Step # 7 Let Your Child Have a Say in the Room’s Design

Once you do start putting items back into the room, ask your child where they want their bed, dresser, chairs, and other such items. By having a say on how their room is designed, it gives them a sense of responsibility and could be the encouragement they need to help keep their room cleaner.

As you are preparing to spring clean your child’s room, feel free to stop by Apple Babies and check out our latest selections of furniture, toys, accessories, and related products for your child’s room or call us at 416-546-8483!

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